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Emotional intelligence as career resource

Noemi Nagy

Emotional intelligence seems to play an important role in the career progress of young people, as the findings of a recent study from Italy show. The researchers explored the career development of Italian high school students and found that those students with high teacher support and high levels of emotional intelligence were more resilient and felt more employable than their fellow students.

Di Fabio, A., & Kenny, M. E. (2015). The contributions of emotional intelligence and social support for adaptive career progress among Italian youth. Journal of Career Development42(1), 48-59.

Training in Emotional Intelligence can be useful for employees

Noemi Nagy

While the Emotional Intelligence (EI) concept is often looked at as an unnecessary hocus-pocus in the work context, researchers from Bulgaria now argue for the usefulness of trainings aimed at the development of EI for employees. Especially in change management, EI trainings for employees can help overcoming defenses, providing self-awareness, and igniting the process of the self-regulation of motivation; factors that are of utmost importance for organizations aiming for change.

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