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Working Material for the Career Resources Questionnaire


Make the most of the test results

On this page you find working materials that help to get more from the career resources.


Career Resources Workbook

The workbook provides a series of questions for each career resource that helps you to reflect on the meaning and implications of the test results. We have developed a workbook that helps you to think more deeply about your career resources and the results of the Career Resources Questionnaire.

The workbook can be downloaded for free and is the perfect companion to the Career Resources Questionnaire.

Workbook for Employees

Workbook for Students


Interview Guide for Professionals

This guide helps to qualitatively assess the career resources in an interview. This interview can be conducted by a career development professional to facilitate a more in-depth assessment and discussion of the results of the Career Resources Questionnaire of clients.

Interview Guide for Employees

Interview Guide for Students


Career Professional’s Guide: How to use the Career Resources Questionnaire for Career Interventions

We have developed a guide for career development professionals on how to use the Career Resources Questionnaire with their clients. We explain how the questionnaire can be used as a client readiness assessment, as a basis to plan a career intervention, and as a measure of career intervention effectiveness.

Career Professional's Guide


Scientific Report on the Development and Evaluation of the Questionnaire

The Career Resources Questionnaire is based on international research on career development, employability, and career success. The questionnaire was developed and evaluated in a multi-step procedure according to best-practice scientific criteria. The report documents the scientific development and quality of the questionnaire.

Scientific Report