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Unexpected correlates of bullying at work

Noemi Nagy

Organizations are expected to loose approximately 6 billion $ per year because of bullying, yet there is a lack of research that explains how bullying affects employees. A recent study from France showed that workplace bullying causes a psychological contract breach between employees and employers. This in turn leads to decreased job and life satisfaction. Interestingly, the effects were the strongest for older women. Female late career employees are at especially high risk for workplace bullying.

Kakarika, M., Gonzalez, H., & Dimitriades, Z. (2017). That wasn't our deal: A psychological contract perspective on employee responses to bullying. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 100, 43-55.

Your social network can enhance your ability to innovate

Domingo Valero

The size of a social network, its diversity, and being the connector between different groups is related to being more innovative, according to meta-analytic evidence. On the other side, having a close social network where one’s contacts are also mutually interconnected is related to lower innovation, possibly because of higher overlap in the knowledge of the group members. Having a broad, open, free social network may thus make your ideas fly! 

Organizational Psychology Review