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Supervisors segmenting work and home are family-friendly role models

Franziska Baumeler

Supervisors are perceived as family-friendly role models when not working in their leisure time. According to a German study, this family-friendly role modeling leads employees to better segment their own work and home roles. Employees of these supervisors are also better able to recover from work at home. Supervisors should be aware that they are perceived as role models not only at work but also for how they manage their work and family roles. 

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology


Manager’s age plays an important role in discrimination against older workers

Noemi Nagy

Older workers are judged more positively by managers of similar age, according to a recent study from Italy. The age of an HR manager influences his/her attitudes towards older and younger workers. In the beforementioned study, HR managers judged workers close to their own age more favorably than other employees.

Principi, A., Fabbietti, P., & Lamura, G. (2015). Perceived qualities of older workers and age management in companies: Does the age of HR managers matter? Personnel Review44(5), 801-820.