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Having control of your work helps maintain energy

Claire Johnston

Results of a study have shown that job autonomy (being able to exercise control over ones work) helps employees respond to demands and stressors at work so that they can maintain more energy. Having control over ones work helps individuals to decide how to direct and use their attention and resources so that they can face demands in the best way possible.

Prem, R., Kubicek, B., Diestel, S., & Korunka, C. (2016). Regulatory job stressors and their within-person relationships with ego depletion: The roles of state anxiety, self-control effort, and job autonomy. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 92, 22-32.

Too much control over your job might not be good for you

Franziska Baumeler

High and low job control may decrease well-being and produce a depersonalized attitude toward one’s work. Too little control can be frustrating and lead to alienation. However, too much control can be overwhelming because of too much autonomy and uncertainty regarding how the job ought to be performed. According to an Austrian study, a medium level of job control is the optimal level because it produces a sense of pride, significance, and enthusiasm for one’s work.

International Journal of Nursing Studies